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Breastfeeding: The Next 10-12 Hours After Birth


Breastfeeding: THE NEXT 10-12 HOURS

Now that you’ve had great (or at least adequate?) first feeding….he’s going to shut down.  Seriously.  It’s been a rough day for him too!  So now, he wants to sleep.  Now during this time, I DO expect you to TRY to feed him. Babies should be offered the breast every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night.  When it’s “time” to feed: strip him naked except his diaper (yes, no clothes.  Skin to skin contact is SUPER important for both you and him and your body heat WILL keep him warm – just make sure to cover him back up when you’re burping him or changing sides); check his diaper (I mean, who wants to be squishy when you’re trying to eat?!); sit him up and try to burp him (I don’t actually expect him to burp at this time, either between breasts or after feedings…I mean, there’s no air in the breast, right? But the stimulation provided by burping is usually enough to wake him up enough to feed.) However, if you’ve truly tried for 10-15 minutes and he’s clearly ‘saying’ to you “nope. I’m not doin’ it. Leave me alone”…please…Leave him alone!  Enjoy the snuggle time.  Get some rest.


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***For the purposes of this instruction, the baby will always be “he” and the mother will be “you” or “her”

***Also, these first articles will address only WELL, TERM Newborns (i.e. those babies born without complication and after 37 weeks of gestation in a hospital setting) and a mother WITHOUT medical complications

****The information I need to tell you regarding the first 2-3 hours after your baby is born is Very extensive.  Therefore, I will be breaking it down into much smaller chucks so you can digest it more easily.  Please read all of the sections as they all go together to support your success in the first moments after your baby’s birth.

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