Breastfeeding / Lactation

Breastfeeding: Hours 12-24 After Birth

Breastfeeding: HOURS 12-24 After Birth

After about 10-12 hours of “trying” to feed him….his little “lightbulb” is going to go back on and he’s going to seem to think to himself “hey….I’m kinda hungry now.”  Feedings will be better now, and more often (as mentioned before)…but please recognize….Not every feeding is going to be awesome!  You don’t eat a four-course-meal every time you eat either, Do you?  This is where that “range” of feeding comes in.  If he feeds at least 20 minutes (total time)- that’s a great feeding! If he will wait to the longer range…great!  If he does NOT feed at least 20 minutes (total time), try more often!

Up Next:  The Second Day/ Up Until Discharge Day

***For the purposes of this instruction, the baby will always be “he” and the mother will be “you” or “her”

***Also, these first articles will address only WELL, TERM Newborns (i.e. those babies born without complication and after 37 weeks of gestation in a hospital setting) and a mother WITHOUT medical complications

****The information I need to tell you regarding the first 2-3 hours after your baby is born is Very extensive.  Therefore, I will be breaking it down into much smaller chucks so you can digest it more easily.  Please read all of the sections as they all go together to support your success in the first moments after your baby’s birth.

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